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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seri Batik Gallery

Some of u might already know bout my batik business, which was started in April 2009.. For those who dun know about this, well this is the time for u to start visiting my sales blog at Seri Batik Gallery site..

FYI, those exclusive batik that i'm selling is solely from my family business and designed by our lovely brother.. Just take a look at some of our Hari Raya's picture.. Most of us were wearing batik which is from our own batik gallery..

Me on 1st day raya..
Dun look at me (malas nk pkai bj kurung :P)..
Look at my 3 lovely sistas.. :)
My bro's wearing kemeja batik from our gallery as well.. :)
The most right one is not batik.. the other 2 is..
My sista posed to show her lovely batik..
Dun look at the most left one.. haha..
my lovely sis..u can add on
some bling2 to ur batik to make it more gorgeous!!
This is our lovely bro, the owner of the business..
her wife of coz MUST wear Batik..huhu~
and btw, songket also from our gallery..
anyone interested, can email me coz i'll update based on request..
So peeps, feel free to browse thru my Seri Batik Gallery site and if u're interested just give me an email at or call/sms 0137732728.. Happy shopping!!

p/s: Thanks to all the models tak berbayar yer.. hehe :D


  1. cantik2!!! ada tak design bunga tulip yg cantik2 crepe?

  2. ooo digital crepe ek?? last time i ade amek, this time takde aa.. ade digital crepe design abstract jek.. feel free to browse at my sales blog kay.. :)


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