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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update on My Lil One

It's been a while i didn't update his milestones.. hehe.. being bz nk masuk umah baru, didn't manage to story a bit on my lil one.. He can do a lot of things nowadays.. Very very active!! He crawls so damn fast.. And sometimes, he knocked himself on the floor.. Dh pandai merajuk skrg.. If i didn't give him to play with something that he wants, he'll put his head on the floor, on the carpet, sofa or on the bed.. Doesn't matter where, he'll immediately do that and cry out loud of coz..

He loves to watch Barney & frens.. He'll stand up, clap his hands and dance once he heard Barney & Fren's song.. It is so damn cute watching he did that.. Hahaha.. And, after a while watching Barney from the sofa, he'll crawl towards the tele, and end up he'll stand up, hold the tv rack and watch Barney.. I'll switch off the tele, tell him not too close, then he'll crawl back to the sofa.. Oh~ He sometimes try to imitate all the actions that lil children do in the show, like clapping, laughing and dancing.. Of coz dancing in his own way, up and down.. Hahaha..

Tgh khusyuk tgk Barney..

He can say lots of words now.. "Mama" and "Papa" of coz.. And, this time he understands those 2 words will refer to me and hubby.. Last time, he'll say mamamama, papapapa.. Now, he can really2 say "Ma-Ma" and "Pa-Pa".. Other words "nananana", "dadadada", "tatatatata" and few more.. Sometimes he can copy exactly what i said such as "Abang","Nak","Kakak".. "nananana' will either refer to his aunty Cu Na or sometimes he wants something, he'll say nananana.. When he wants his precious milk, he'll say "ma" that sounds like milk.. hehe.. pandai anak mama :)

Arsyad drinks from a cup now.. He understands when i say drink water especially after he has his meal or snack (biscuit, bread or fruits).. He really loves to explore, and doesn't afraid at all.. He'll just crawl to the room even if it is dark, and sometimes try to climb on anything.. I'll not put him on his highchair alone, coz he'll climb out and sit on the table.. It is like he's trying to be on the top of the world.. hahaha.. So dangerous!!! Everytime he plays with his toys, he is like thinking on how the thing works.. For example, when he plays with his blocks.. He explores on how to make the things spinning around and he'll put one block on the top of another.. Good boy!!

He likes to play peek-a-boo especially when he wakes up every morning.. I'll use the blanky to cover my face, then he'll pull it and laugh out loud.. Hehe.. So cute~ Everytime he wanna go to our room, he'll crawl very fast!! haha.. Coz he thought that we're chasing him from behind.. I can't imagine when we move to our new house.. Tak larat la mama nk kejar sayang~ hehe..

One thing that i realized he'll do everytime before he sleeps is he'll crawl towards his papa and land his head on papa's tummy.. hahaha.. Sometimes, he'll fall asleep either on papa's tummy, shoulder or hand.. So easy!! :D

U're growing up so fast baby!! Love u soo much!! mmmmuuuaaahhhhsss~


  1. hai chommey.. geramm tengok mata dia.. bulat!!.. orang tua kata kalau mata itam besar dan penuh.. mata putih pulak sikit je nampak.. budak cerdik ni dan panjang akal.. hehehe..

  2. arsyad!!!! unty geewammmmm!!! haha.. so clever la sekarang nih... explore so many things... erm... bertambah kurus lah mamanya lps nih berkejaran di rumah baru yg besar itew.. auwww!!! :)

  3. L@n@: haha..mama nye pon geram selalu.. asyik kene gigit je pipi dia tuh.. tak pernah tau plak orang tua2 ckp camtu.. tp mintak2 la btol.. hehe.. Ameen~

    fizamior: haa tu la.. mmg makin kurus laa.. tunggu la damia tu besar sikit lg.. tp tak tau la kot2 baby girl sopan santun sikit kan.. hehe..


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