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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dun Know Where To Start..

I dun know where to start, coz my head is so exhausted thinking, designing, calculating, reviewing.... and my body is so damn tired, shopping here and there.. oh btw, shopping for our home sweet home of coz.. not for my own self, hubby's or even Arsyad's.. hurm~ it is quite some time we didn't buy anything to him.. sorry kay baby.. mama and papa needs to focus on our home first.. hehe.. but hey!! we did buy him a highchair and cutlery from Ikea for him.. so it counts la kan.. :P

We managed to go to Puchong at Top Ten shop yesterday.. seriously!! u can get the cheapest price for ceiling fan there (i did compare it with other shops).. so for those who wanna buy the cheapest and affordable fan, this is the place u should go.. we did buy 9 ceiling fans, all 5 blades fan.. 2 for my sistas and the rest are ours.. and yeah~~ hubby did buy the Alpha ceiling fan that i want.. a bit expensive, but then we just buy it once kan sayang?? (cover sbb rasa bersalah..hahaha).. and we also bought 1 wall light-at the stairs, 1 censor spotlight-at the back of our house, and 4 6-inch downlights at the porch.. for other downlights at living, dining and kitchen, we need to buy at other shops coz they dun have the one that we want.. i'm not the one who is choosy, my hubby is.. hahaha.. jgn marah ek sayang.. :P

this is the one that we bought for living and dining hall.. :)
picture credit to Deko Bersama Eric..

So for other downlights we just buy it at Subang.. the one that hubby always want from the beginning.. but then need to order first coz sudah abes stock.. its okay, we just pay the deposit, and ask them to keep all the lights.. oh, and we also bought 1 decorative light for family area, upstairs.. hurm~ need to buy few more lights, fluorescent light (need to wait the contractor measures which size should we buy), lights for 2 bathrooms and store.. huh~ dun ask me how much did we spent for all the fans and lights coz i dun wanna remember..hahaha..

Our grill and plaster ceiling will be completed by this week, InsyaAllah.. can't wait to see the transformation.. hahaha.. hopefully there is no more leaking anywhere in the house, our contractor will check it before he starts the reno.. actually we have one at the porch, exactly in front of the front door.. the developer will fix it tomorrow, hope so~.. our autogate and aircond already installed.. but then they need to re-installed the aircond back coz they didn't cover the hole properly.. oh~~ i can't wait to see some progress in our house.. aircond and autogate doesn't count kay..haha.. :D

Now i need to think about the bathroom accessories, curtains, kitchen cabinet and alarm.. help help!!!


  1. wahhh..tak sabar nak tengok interior designer syed&ju plc finished their home sweet home ;-)

  2. :P interior designer la sgt.. hahahah


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