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Monday, May 25, 2009

- What A Bad Day -

As i mentioned in my last entry, today we'll go out again for sandal, after doing some laundry, washed all the dishes, off we went to The Gardens & Mid Valley Megamall..had a quick lunch at Teppanyaki, then window shopping at Isetan n Robinson, The Garden..while searching for the lucky sandal, suddenly my hubby changed his mind..

- Hubby - " saya nak beli kasut la..tanak la nak kasut yg pakai tuk gi jln2, bukan tuk gi keje"..
- Me - "Urm..then takyahla gi keje"..

then, dia gelak kaw2 nye..actually i wanna said "then tak payahla pakai time nk gi keje" terpendek plak..hehe..of coz u've to go to work okay :p ..back to the story..urm, after looking for about an hour i think, still didn't find the sandal that he wants..then, arsyad started to cry n a bit cranky..then we went to nursery room at the 2nd floor of the room so is the first time i went is cold, comfy n clean..even all daddies can wait at the very nice far, i think this is the best nursery room compared to The Curve, Parkson  1 Utama, Jusco Sunway Pyramid..can't remember other places..n dun even mention places that doesn't provide the nursery room at all..btw, i didn't snap any piccas in the room coz Arsyad was soo cranky..he'll always be like that a week before he turns to a month older..hurm~ sabar je laa..usually people said, baby will have a fever when he wanna turn to another month..but in my case, he is just crying n want to be held n cuddle all the time (like what Zaky said)..hehe..n coz we forgot to bring arsyad's toy/teether, papa bought him a new Nuby's teether.. :) he'll be quiet for a while as long as the teether is in his mouth..he'll bite the teether keys sampai abes basah baju with his air liur..arsyad2~

Arsyad's new teether :D
3 hours later, we went back n headed to my sis, Jem's house..lepak2 for a while n after maghrib we wanna go back usual, i'll drive the car n papa will hold Arsyad at the co-pilot our house just 3 - 4 minutes from my sis's house so papa just hold him for a while..then when i wanna make a u-turn, just in front of my sis's house..suddenly there's a weird sound at the front of the car..i was so shocked n trus matikan kete..then my hubby told me to start the car again n drive..i'm so damn scared to drive, so i've asked him to drive..when i went out from the car, then i saw the front tyre (the left one) was like tercabut, or i can say terkeluar from its shaft..we were so damn shocked as hubby's just sent the car last Saturday at the Proton Edar service centre to change the timing belt n do the bearings n what not where i can't really understand what its all about..n hubby said, it will not be like that if they (mechanics) didn't "overtoque" the bolt ..i dun even know what does the word means, but that is what his friend, an aircraft engineer said..huh~ luckily we are not at the highway n nothing bad happens to all of us..thank GOD!!all of us stay at my sis's house tonite..

Our car in front of neighbour's house :(

Lots of things need to be done tomorrow..hubby has to take EL..the Proton Edar people will come here n take care of everything..i don't know how the bolt boley tercabut n patah..logically, for me who doesn't know anything about cars, the bolt must be strong enuf to hold the tyre..gggrr!!really pissed off with Proton Edar's people..we've paid a lot for maintenance at the Proton Service Centre itself to ensure our car is very well taken care of rather than just send our car to other workshop..but then, they themselves do not guarantee the quality of their service..really2 frustrated wif our local car..

p/s: my hubby said he was very2 sad n dissapointed wif the car n now NewCastle United has been relegated from the EPL.. *ape kaitan pon i n hahaha..


  1. i believe what Naz said. U can't trust M'sia car. Nasib ada yg quality baik, nasib yg tak baik..Mmmmm. We wouldn't want to take the chance. sabar ye mama+papa Arsyad :-)

  2. t'was me :P biasalah tertukar2 nih..hahhaha..

  3. urmm.. this is a workmanship quality

  4. tu laa..terkejuz..syukur sgt..


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