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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Boring Weekend~

woo~ its about a week after my last entry..sigh~ well..there's no special occassion for the past 1 week n i've had a bad bad day..not just 1 day, but few days..first, bcoz of my eyes..i've had an eye infection, quite bad..its like my right eye kene tumbuk jek..everytime i woke up at night to bf Arsyad n every morning, it was so damn hard to open my was really2 hurt..n everytime solat, especially when i 'sujud', huh~ it hurts sampai ke kepala..i was so worried if my little one n hubby would affected as far, Alhamdulillah dua2 nya what did i do??just sat at home, watching tv, read novels (aarrgghh!!so unproductive)..but there's a time i just went out to buy groceries @ Giant n have a lovely dinner @ Tony Roma's, eventho my eye bengkak+merah very badly (people just looking at me..its like they're saying "iskk minah ni, mata camtu pon nak kuar jln2 lg"..haha..who cares~ as long as i'm happy.. :p )

So today went out wif hubby n of coz my lil one..went to The Curve & Bangsar Village for birthday present n sandal hunting..luckily, we managed to buy the birthday present that both of us were agreed on..but on the other hand, still couldn't find sandal for hubby..went to Clarks;

-Hubby -"Urm~ kasut dia ok laa..tak suka sgt design sandal dia"..
- Me -"ok dear".. then we went to Aldo;
- Hubby -"nice la this one..mmm~ got sale or not this one?"..
- Me -"no discount for sandals dear, only shoes have discount..its ok, just buy it"..

Then we just went out from that boutique without buying anything (actually did buy something for me..haha)..aiyaa~ tomorrow have to go out n look for a sandal it so hard to buy a nice n good looking sandal??i love the Clarks one, but he doesn't..the Aldo is nice too, but its so damn expensive for just a simple sandal like that..maybe man is just so hard in choosing things when it comes to "shopping" actually man is more "cerewet" than us, ladies..true or not??hehe..whateva it is, better luck tomorrow~

Btw, really love Arsyad's outfit today, he is like a big boy now..he'll turn to 5 months old next fast!! 1 more month for ur first solid Arsyad..n we'll going back to see "Tok", "Tokki","Wan","Ki" n all ur uncles, aunties, cousins..can't wait to go back to Terengganu again :)

My handsome little boy :)..
he's so moody today, doesn't talk n smile too much..
He likes to make that sound lately..
n sometimes shouting to test his voice i guess..haha

Happy Family :)

p/s: i've received few wedding invitations this coming 30th May (Saturday)..sorry peeps!!i've to go back to my hometown - have family occassion...thanx for all the lovely cards n invitations & "Selamat Pengantin Baru" to all :) ..dun forget to upload all the lovely piccas on ur big day u all!!


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