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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parenthood Expo @ KLCC Review..

We went to the parenthood expo at KLCC on 26th Feb 2012 around 3pm. As usual lots of parents with kids on strollers and carriers were there. Both of us too brought 2 strollers for Arsyad and Farrel. It was actually quite easy as the space was bigger than Mid Valley's one, so easy for us to push our stroller without stepping on other people's foot.

I would prefer the Maternity & Children Expo at Mid Valley as there were lots of choices compared to this one. As I was looking for babywearing items, I found out that there were just a few booth that sell the items. Not so many choices for me to choose. At last, we just went back home without buying anything. Owh~ I did buy 2 fans for both Arsyad and Farrel. Haha. I just can try out the Jumpsacbaby's ring sling and SSC Orbit. Lunatots also have their babywrap and ring sling too. But I didn't manage to try it out as there were so many people at their booth at that time. 

For cloth diapers, I only saw Lunatots, Autumnz and one more brand which I didn't stop by. Autumnz cloth diapers quite cheap around RM29 if I'm not mistaken. Didn't manage to ask Lunatots how much, but there were just a few colors left for boys. So, I didn't bother to ask. There were 2 disposables diapers were sold there, Drypers and Whoopies. So many people bought the Whoopies, I never knew what was the usual retail price outside, so I can't compare it. But for drypers the price was RM33 for Drypers Wee Wee Dry, just RM1.89 cheaper than the outside price. Usually, the retail price around RM34.89, so not that cheap. 

For new mommies, I think quite okay for them as there were quite a lot for them to buy. But I would prefer the Maternity & Children Expo more. More brands you can choose from. So for those who didn't manage to go to the last Parenthood Expo, no need to worry. You have a chance to go to the Maternity & Children Expo on 9th - 11th March 2012 at Mid Valley. I can't wait to go there. I'm still looking for the right babywearing for me and Farrel. So, don't forget to mark on your calendar yea mommies!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My 3 Months Old Farrel..

Sekejap je Farrel dah 3 bulan. Now his weight is 6.4 kg and height is 62cm. A bit heavier and longer than his big brother when Arsyad was 3 months old. Alhamdulillah, taking care of my 2 heroes is not that difficult. He just love to be cuddled everytime he wants to sleep. So a bit tired for me to hold him up and hard for me to do other things. That is why I'm looking for a right baby wearing for me and him. The Chicco carrier doesn't work for me and him. He seems like very uncomfortable everytime I put him in it. But, he was okay with his papa.

He loves when we talk to him, he will smile and giggle. He loves to see anything which is bright in colors and moving. And I think Arsyad is his idol coz everytime Arsyad is jumping, running and dancing in front of him, he will giggle and laughing out loud. Haha. I know you can't wait to play with your big brother, Farrel. Arsyad can't wait too you know. He always gave you his toys eventhough you still didn''t know how to hold it still. Hehe.

So far, Farrel loves his cloth teether so much. He can easily grab it and put it in his mouth. I can see that he is more using his right hand compared to the left one, opposite with Arsyad who is left handed. Once Farrel hold something, he will not let it go. Hehe. 

Now, he loves to play bubbles with his air liur. Sgt la syok dia main. Rambut mama pon dh gugur sikit2 skrg. Luckily not that much. Alhamdulillah, since he was 2 months old, I started fully cloth diapering him. Berjaya jugak. And now, tak rase pon pkai cloth diaper tu penat actually. Once kita dah get used with the routine, actually rasa sama jek mcm pkai disposable punyer. Very easy and sgt laaa jimat. I never buy any disposables since then. 

I still fully breastfeed him. Alhamdulillah. He just refused to drink with bottle right now. Last time, he was okay, now tanak langsung dah. Susah jgk coz sometimes hubby can't help if I have to do something else. Need to train him back. Any ideas on what nipples is the best for me to train him back? Last time he was okay with Avent, but now tanak dah. NUK and MAM pon tanak. Harap2 pasni ok la.

Ok, need to go now. Farrel already call me to have some milk. Till then.. adios~ :-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NEW - Tupperware US For SALE!!

Interested? Drop me an e-mail at First come first serve basis. Only few more items left.

 Peace Sign Flower Power Pink
RM250 inclusive postage

Large Snack Canister Cookies Walt Disney Mickey Mouse
RM100/piece inclusive postage

 Colorful Southwest Design

 12c Cookie Canister OT Hearts and Flowers Red Valentine's Day
RM 90 inclusive postage

 Large Peace Sign Flower Power Pink
RM100 inclusive postage

 Small Peace Sign Flower Power Pink
RM90 inclusive postage

Junior Peace Sign Flower Power Pink
RM80 inclusive postage

Do visit My Tupperware Party page at Facebook here.

Happy viewing and happy shopping!! Hehe..

Easy Peasy Banana Cake Recipe!!

Dah lama buat kek pisang ni, requested by hubby tersayang.. Pisang pon dah masak ranum buat la jgk kek pisang ni..kek paling senang kot, campak je semua dlm bekas mixer, then mix je smpai kembang dan sebati. Pastu masukkan dlm loyang then bakar. 

Hasilnya..sedaaappp dan lembut sangat..kejap je abes trus..pisang ni favorite arsyad, tp kek pisang dia tak suke plak..buah pisang, pisang goreng, cekodok pisang semua dia suke except kek pisang. Tp any cake pon mmg dia tak suke sgt. Hehe.

So, here is the easy peasy recipe..

  1. 150gram pisang dilecek (pisang emas/berangan/lemak manis)
  2. 180gram tepung gandum (bley jugak pkai self-raising flour)
  3. 180gram gula halus
  4. 3 biji telur
  5. 120ml minyak masak
  6. 1 teaspoon ovalette
  7. 1 teaspoon soda bikarbonat
  8. 1 teaspoon baking powder (klau guna self-raising flour, takyah letak baking powder)
  9. secubit garam
  10. 1 teaspoon esen pisang (ni I tambah..and mmg lagi sedap rasanye :-) )
  1. Mix all sampai kembang dan putih.
  2. Letak adunan sampai 1/2 loyang sahaja coz kek akan naik sekali ganda.
  3. Bakar dlm oven 180 degrees around 40-50 minutes or sampai kek masak.

Selamat mencuba!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Feringghi Review

We had our stay at Holiday Inn Resort during our short trip to Batu Feringghi, Penang. It was indeed a very nice hotel to stay. The room is very spacious, clean and very nice to look at. I love the decoration in the room. Eventhough the bath tub is not that big, but it is good enough for Arsyad to have some fun in it. For me, the room rate is quite reasonable. You can get the cheaper rate at the Feringghi tower and for the hillview room. 

our room
2 queen sizes bed

The hotel actually has 2 sections, one is Feringghi tower located at the opposite of the beach and another one is just beside the beach. Both of the towers are connected with a bridge. The swimming pool, restaurant and kids' club are all located at the beach tower. So, if you stay at the Feringghi tower, it will be quite tiring for you to travel back and forth. Luckily we stayed at the beach tower, easy access for us to go to the swimming pool and kids' club area anytime we want.

the swimming pool

Arsyad was really having fun in the kids' club area. Kids can even play playstation 3 if i'm not mistaken, but you have to pay for it of coz. Hehe. What I love the most is parents can just lay down while watching our kids playing. They provide some cushions instead of stool or chair for us to sit and lay down. Very comfortable even you can fall asleep while waiting. :-)

behind me is the kids' club

The food at the hotel is quite good. We were having breakfast at their cafe, and they actually provided variety of food. I love the sweet's corner where they were serving donuts like JCo's and Big Apple's one, mini cupcakes and muffins, few types of cheese and bread and lots more. 

So, overall I give this hotel 5/5. If you wish to stay here if you go to Batu Feringghi, book yours earlier. Some of the hotels were fully booked even it is not a peak season. :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Careful Moms!!

Got this from facebook. Happen here in Malaysia. I think Enfalac is one of the trusted products. Camane la bley jadi camni? It is not safe at all. So mommies, plz do double check your kids' formula milk before you decide to buy. To be safe, please keep on breastfeeding your baby. 

Enfamil is one of the China brands if i'm not mistaken and the ingredients contain something that is not safe for our baby. I think some kind of plastic or what forgot already. Please please pleaaaaasssseeee be extra careful!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MOMS? Easy Job or Hard Job??

Being a stay at home mom is not as easy as it looks. Maybe some people say that at least we, SAHM can sleep anytime we want, and no need for us to wake up early in the morning to go to work. Any moms, either SAHM or WAHM or FTWM, all need to be patience and loving in teaching our kids. We want them to be loved and be someone yang taat pada perintah Allah dan Rasul serta taat pada perintah kedua ibu bapa. 

But, how many of us who really can teach our kids without yelling at them? Sometimes me myself ter-jerit jugak bile btol2 marah and don't want him to do something which is bad and can hurt himself and his lil brother. So being a mom, who can be patience enough with their kids tantrum and behaviour is not easy. 

I'm so impressed with my mom, who can raised her 14 kids without any help from others. And Alhamdulillah all of us grew up with a good value. Till now, I always think how on earth my mom did that all by herself? I can handle my 2 kids on my own, but sometimes my patience is not high enough to teach them on my own. 

I still can remember my mom always taught me to recite Al-Quran after Maghrib and Alhamdulillah I sempat khatam Al-Quran just before I start standard 1. I don't know my ABC's till I get myself into school coz I didn't go to any kindergarten while I was 5 and 6 years old. Now I realize that how I can learn so fast and easily remember anything that my teachers taught me in class. I can visualize my teacher in front of me teaching one particular subject and listen word by word while I'm answering the paper in my exam. I think it is all because my mom taught me to know and learn Al-Quran first besides ABC's and 123's. She even taught me Zikrullah and Doa rather than singing me any nursery rhymes.

But we moms nowadays tend to teach our kids ABC's, 123's and singing most of the nursery rhymes songs to our children. Me myself did that. Eventho I'm still teaching Alif Ba Ta in between but still I let them watch Barney instead of let them listening to Al-Quran recitation. I'm not saying that it is bad, but I think we like to follow the western people on how to teach our children. I really love reading this blog, on how she taught both of her kids to recite and memorize Al-Quran by the age of 3. Can you imagine that? It was a very hard thing to do. It needs your patience and determination on making that happen. 

Why don't we moms try to do the same things to our kids. I know it is a very hard thing to do, but InsyaAllah all of us can do it. With usaha, doa dan tawakkal InsyaAllah our kids will be like her kids too. And don't even think that it is too late to teach our kids. Better late than never right? 

Harap2 kita diberi kesabaran dan kesungguhan untuk mendidik anak-anak kita. And don't put a very high expectations, coz if we don't achieve it, we ourselves will be down and tend to give up. Apa2 pon jangan mudah berputus asa dan byk2 kan berdoa agar anak-anak kita menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah, dan menjadi seorang insan yang tinggi akhlak dan akidahnya. Amin~

This entry is just for me to remember that moms can make mistakes too, everyone is not perfect. I just feel really bad right now coz I just yelled at Arsyad. He really test my patience. He didn't want to listen, always want to play with something that he knows I'll say no. I know he wanted to attract my attention. I really want to focus on him, but now I also have to give my attention to Farrel as well. Sometimes this feeling makes me feel sad coz I want to give them the best.Now I feel like crying. So I better stop typing. 

Ya Allah berikanlan aku kesabaran dan kesungguhan dalam mendidik anak-anak ku ke jalan MU Ya Allah. Amin~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

4 Days 3 Nights @ Batu Feringghi, Penang

After almost a year I think we didn't go anywhere for a vacation, finally hubby and I decided to have a break at Batu Feringghi, Penang. We did go back to our hometown once in 3 months time, but that didn't count as a vacation. A vacation that I meant was staying at a nice and cosy hotel, and got a really nice view and scenery. 

Our trip to Penang took us almost 3 and half hours. Alhamdulillah, the journey was smooth along the way, Arsyad and Farrel were also well behave in the car. As we arrived at Batu Feringghi a bit late, we didn't have enough time to bring Arsyad to the swimming pool. We just went to the nearest restaurant to grab some dinner and enjoyed ourselves watching the sunset and the tourists riding horses, jetsky-ing, and lots more. 

9 Feb 2012 - sunset @ Batu Feringghi

It was so damn hot at Batu Feringghi. Even 9am in the morning, we were already feel the heat. But the tourists love it, as they can just lay down and tanned themselves. Pukul 7pm pon langit still cerah and panas. And blame me coz forgot to bring the sunblock. Sorry guys~ semua dah sunburn. Hehe.

10 Feb 2012 - 9am in the morning

papa n arsyad build sand castle

At night, Batu Feringghi is so happening. Lots and lots of people selling handbags, CDs, jerseys, shirts, toys, watches, sunglasses, shawls and souvenirs along the way. It is quite difficult to handle 2 strollers, so we just brought 1 stroller for Arsyad and put Farrel in his baby carrier. It was Farrel's first time in the baby carrier, Alhamdulillah he was okay and comfortable in it. Both of them were just fall asleep while mama and papa shopping. Hehe.

my handsome prince charming.. :-)
my heroes..

Arsyad was having fun playing in the pool. Every morning and evening we brought him to the pool and beach. He had so much fun playing with us and he also made a new girlfriend. He met the girl twice, playing happily in the pool sampai both of them tanak kuar dari pool. Both of us and the girl's parents have difficulties to make them out from the pool. Owh~ I forgot to snap the pictures of them together. 

Farrel ngan mama santai kat tepi kolam je la..hehe

3 of us..papa jage Farrel plak..

Everytime kuar pool mesti sambung balik kat bilik berendam dlm bath tub. Hehe. Farrel pon join sama floating. Baby can actually float by himself, just need to watch out his head. Sape2 yang ade baby kecik bley try letak baby dlm air, and see how they actually float themselves. :-)

Arsyad sorang je mandi manda..seronok btol..

very nice!!

We checked-out from the hotel on Sunday around 1130am. I wish I can stay a little bit longer. I love to stay in the hotel, people will make sure my room is always neat and tidy. Balik bilik je tgk bilik kemas, kan best klau kat umah pon camtu. Haha. In my dreams la kan. Bangun pagi kemas katil, tak sampai 5 minit dah bersepah balik. Haha. 

bye2 Feringghi..

Anyway, we had so much fun there. Thanks a lot sayang for this vacation. I love you so much!! :-)

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Page of Quran A Day..


Love this one so much!! It is so true!! Amalkan baca Al-Quran setiap hari eventho just one page. InsyaAllah rumahtangga kita akan diberkati and bila dah tua nanti InsyaAllah tak akan kena penyakit Alzheimer. Always tunjukkan contoh depan anak-anak hari-hari baca Quran. InsyaAllah lama-lama anak-anak kita pon akan turut sama melakukannya dan akan menjadi habit bagi mereka untuk membaca Al-Quran everyday. 

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal!! :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Short Vacation to...

A few hours after this post, we will be going to have our short vacation to celebrate our 4th anniversary. Hopefully everything will be fine all the way to our destination. So, there'll be no new entry till next week. And guess where we're heading to?? :D

Till then, have a nice day guys!! Love u all!! :-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our 4th Anniversary..

Alhamdulillah, it has been 4 years we've been together. 4 years of marriage makes me love you more sayang. Syukur sangat2 dikurniakan hubby yang sangat memahami, loving and yang penting dapat membimbing diri ini ke jalan MU ya Allah. Nothing can describe how grateful I am having you as my husband and as a father to my two adorable kids. :-)

You've been holding on me till now and never forget to show your love towards me everyday. You've been helping me a lot everytime I feel down and always give me support in everything I do. I know loving you is not enough, but I always pray for you every single time. Everytime you go to work, I always pray in my heart, "Ya Allah, lindungilah suami ku di bawah rahmat MU Ya Allah". Everytime you fall sick, I always pray, "Ya Allah kurniakanlah kesihatan yang baik kepada suamiku, dan bagilah kekuatan kepada ku agar dapat aku menjaga suami dan anak-anak ku Ya Allah".

I'm glad you never bring your work at the office to our home sweet home and I'm glad you always give me a hand everytime I need help in handling both of our lil heroes. And thank you sayang for understand me better than anyone else. I never pretend myself in front of you from the first time we know each other. I love you more and more. 

Alhamdulillah sayang, Allah masih panjangkan jodoh dan usia kita sampai ke hari ini. Too many things to say, but I can't type anymore. I love you sayang and selamat ulangtahun yang ke-4. Semoga hubungan kita berkekalan hingga ke syurga dan dikurniakan anak2 yang soleh dan solehah. Amin~

Friday, February 3, 2012

Karya Kufi

I've been looking for khat art to be displayed on my wall. Basically, I want something that looks simple and modern. And, Kufi khat is one of them. I've been browsing their facebook page for quite some time now. And, I still don't know which one to buy. I want to hang it behind my dining table, at the entrance and if possible in my room. 

Here are some of the decos that I've copied from their facebook. You can click here to see more.

Cantik kan? I have to measure the size first then decide what surah that I want. Anyone yang baru nak masuk rumah tu, boleh la klau nak beli ni. Harga pon affordable. I penah tgk display khart yg jual kat kedai sampai ribu-riban, this one RM2++ dah dapat dah, depends on the size that you want. 

You can view more designs on their facebook page. :-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jus Monavie

Since I gave birth to Farrel, I always thinking, how on earth I'm gonna take care both of my kids on my own. We are thinking to send Arsyad to playschool for only 3 hours, but I still think it is too early for him to go to school. Taking care Arsyad and Farrel during my confinement is a very challenging job. As my body is still recovering, and Arsyad is still trying to accept his little brother, so he needs more attention from me than before. At that time, Arsyad didn't want to go with someone else, even with his grandparents. That was why I decided to go back to KL when Farrel turns 1 month old. I know I'll be so damn tired, have to do everything on my own. Cooking, laundry, cleaning, not to mention have to breastfeed Farrel in between, and have to entertain Arsyad at the same time. Huh~ non-stop job!!

At that time I was thinking this Monavie juice which I wanna try long time ago. Since my SIL sell this monavie juice, so at first I just tried 1 bottle. Alhamdulillah, I'm not feeling tired at all. I felt that I have lots of energy that I can do everything non-stop. I didn't take a nap at all during the day. I still have to wakeup 2 or 3 times at night to breastfeed Farrel. I still have time to cook and amazingly I can bake. And, my house is clean besides the toys on the floor. :P

Now, I already finished 4 bottles, and I can see my skin is better than before. Eventhough sometimes I forgot to apply my daily skincare routine, but my skin didn't feel dry at all. And amazingly till now, rambut I tak gugur macam dulu. Farrel dah nak masuk 3 bulan, Alhamdulillah tak gugur lagi. Kalau dulu, sikat je rambut, segenggam rambut yang gugur. 

And last 3 weeks, my hubby and I terkena demam denggi. I didn't feel as tired as him. I don't know why. I takde rasa lenguh2 sendi, but I demam and kuar bintik2 merah all over my body. And my platelet count not as low as my hubby's. I remembered the doctor keep on remind me to take vitamins, so that I can recover faster. My hubby didn't drink this monavie juice. So I guess this juice help me to recover faster than him and besides drinking a lot of water.

So, I guess this monavie juice does give us a lot of health benefit. I've tried the Monavie Pulse-red and original one (purple), and I love the original more. The red one is thicker than original so rasa lagi masam and sedikit pahit. The original one just taste like ribena.

This is just my personal review about monavie juice. I just want to share the benefit of it to all of you. If you want to try it, do e-mail me at 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Siri on iPhone 4S..

Got this from facebook..  So damn funny.. Hahaha..

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