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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My 3 Months Old Farrel..

Sekejap je Farrel dah 3 bulan. Now his weight is 6.4 kg and height is 62cm. A bit heavier and longer than his big brother when Arsyad was 3 months old. Alhamdulillah, taking care of my 2 heroes is not that difficult. He just love to be cuddled everytime he wants to sleep. So a bit tired for me to hold him up and hard for me to do other things. That is why I'm looking for a right baby wearing for me and him. The Chicco carrier doesn't work for me and him. He seems like very uncomfortable everytime I put him in it. But, he was okay with his papa.

He loves when we talk to him, he will smile and giggle. He loves to see anything which is bright in colors and moving. And I think Arsyad is his idol coz everytime Arsyad is jumping, running and dancing in front of him, he will giggle and laughing out loud. Haha. I know you can't wait to play with your big brother, Farrel. Arsyad can't wait too you know. He always gave you his toys eventhough you still didn''t know how to hold it still. Hehe.

So far, Farrel loves his cloth teether so much. He can easily grab it and put it in his mouth. I can see that he is more using his right hand compared to the left one, opposite with Arsyad who is left handed. Once Farrel hold something, he will not let it go. Hehe. 

Now, he loves to play bubbles with his air liur. Sgt la syok dia main. Rambut mama pon dh gugur sikit2 skrg. Luckily not that much. Alhamdulillah, since he was 2 months old, I started fully cloth diapering him. Berjaya jugak. And now, tak rase pon pkai cloth diaper tu penat actually. Once kita dah get used with the routine, actually rasa sama jek mcm pkai disposable punyer. Very easy and sgt laaa jimat. I never buy any disposables since then. 

I still fully breastfeed him. Alhamdulillah. He just refused to drink with bottle right now. Last time, he was okay, now tanak langsung dah. Susah jgk coz sometimes hubby can't help if I have to do something else. Need to train him back. Any ideas on what nipples is the best for me to train him back? Last time he was okay with Avent, but now tanak dah. NUK and MAM pon tanak. Harap2 pasni ok la.

Ok, need to go now. Farrel already call me to have some milk. Till then.. adios~ :-)


  1. Farrel such a encem boy! geram betul mama tgk drumstick tu tau... rasa nak geget! hehehehe

  2. mmg slalu kene gigit dgn mama dia..hehe..

  3. try pigeon peristaltic plus i, mam taknak..nuk pun taknak..pigeon peristaltic biasa taknak...pureen wide neck teat pun taknak..

    pn iza


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