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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

4 Days 3 Nights @ Batu Feringghi, Penang

After almost a year I think we didn't go anywhere for a vacation, finally hubby and I decided to have a break at Batu Feringghi, Penang. We did go back to our hometown once in 3 months time, but that didn't count as a vacation. A vacation that I meant was staying at a nice and cosy hotel, and got a really nice view and scenery. 

Our trip to Penang took us almost 3 and half hours. Alhamdulillah, the journey was smooth along the way, Arsyad and Farrel were also well behave in the car. As we arrived at Batu Feringghi a bit late, we didn't have enough time to bring Arsyad to the swimming pool. We just went to the nearest restaurant to grab some dinner and enjoyed ourselves watching the sunset and the tourists riding horses, jetsky-ing, and lots more. 

9 Feb 2012 - sunset @ Batu Feringghi

It was so damn hot at Batu Feringghi. Even 9am in the morning, we were already feel the heat. But the tourists love it, as they can just lay down and tanned themselves. Pukul 7pm pon langit still cerah and panas. And blame me coz forgot to bring the sunblock. Sorry guys~ semua dah sunburn. Hehe.

10 Feb 2012 - 9am in the morning

papa n arsyad build sand castle

At night, Batu Feringghi is so happening. Lots and lots of people selling handbags, CDs, jerseys, shirts, toys, watches, sunglasses, shawls and souvenirs along the way. It is quite difficult to handle 2 strollers, so we just brought 1 stroller for Arsyad and put Farrel in his baby carrier. It was Farrel's first time in the baby carrier, Alhamdulillah he was okay and comfortable in it. Both of them were just fall asleep while mama and papa shopping. Hehe.

my handsome prince charming.. :-)
my heroes..

Arsyad was having fun playing in the pool. Every morning and evening we brought him to the pool and beach. He had so much fun playing with us and he also made a new girlfriend. He met the girl twice, playing happily in the pool sampai both of them tanak kuar dari pool. Both of us and the girl's parents have difficulties to make them out from the pool. Owh~ I forgot to snap the pictures of them together. 

Farrel ngan mama santai kat tepi kolam je la..hehe

3 of us..papa jage Farrel plak..

Everytime kuar pool mesti sambung balik kat bilik berendam dlm bath tub. Hehe. Farrel pon join sama floating. Baby can actually float by himself, just need to watch out his head. Sape2 yang ade baby kecik bley try letak baby dlm air, and see how they actually float themselves. :-)

Arsyad sorang je mandi manda..seronok btol..

very nice!!

We checked-out from the hotel on Sunday around 1130am. I wish I can stay a little bit longer. I love to stay in the hotel, people will make sure my room is always neat and tidy. Balik bilik je tgk bilik kemas, kan best klau kat umah pon camtu. Haha. In my dreams la kan. Bangun pagi kemas katil, tak sampai 5 minit dah bersepah balik. Haha. 

bye2 Feringghi..

Anyway, we had so much fun there. Thanks a lot sayang for this vacation. I love you so much!! :-)


  1. sama macam anak2 akak, kalo nak pegi penang happy sgt.

  2. salam kenal.

    cantik2 gambar pemamdangan..

  3. So nice!me n hubby also luv to go to family vacation..alhmdulillah hv same hobby :) so nice view dear fren! :)

  4. alahaaii,..
    bestnye dpt bjalan2 sampai ke sana..
    yihaa..sgt seronok tgk pic2 korang sekeluarga..
    baby kecil pon g jgk..heee..

  5. shanteknyer feringgi..
    kitorang x pernah sampai lg utara, means cuti2..
    heheh, last pi time ato my sis study usm thn 99..
    hohoho, giler lama kan..

    InsyaAllah, soon..
    nk jejak kaki kt sana.. =)

  6. best2 dpt pegi jln2..dah lame tak pegi vacation..seronok sgt!!

    Azian & Leily: Salam keep in touch yea~

  7. can i know which hotel u stay? :) i am planning a trip to penang with my family also

  8. thank you. it helps a lot.


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