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Thursday, February 16, 2012

MOMS? Easy Job or Hard Job??

Being a stay at home mom is not as easy as it looks. Maybe some people say that at least we, SAHM can sleep anytime we want, and no need for us to wake up early in the morning to go to work. Any moms, either SAHM or WAHM or FTWM, all need to be patience and loving in teaching our kids. We want them to be loved and be someone yang taat pada perintah Allah dan Rasul serta taat pada perintah kedua ibu bapa. 

But, how many of us who really can teach our kids without yelling at them? Sometimes me myself ter-jerit jugak bile btol2 marah and don't want him to do something which is bad and can hurt himself and his lil brother. So being a mom, who can be patience enough with their kids tantrum and behaviour is not easy. 

I'm so impressed with my mom, who can raised her 14 kids without any help from others. And Alhamdulillah all of us grew up with a good value. Till now, I always think how on earth my mom did that all by herself? I can handle my 2 kids on my own, but sometimes my patience is not high enough to teach them on my own. 

I still can remember my mom always taught me to recite Al-Quran after Maghrib and Alhamdulillah I sempat khatam Al-Quran just before I start standard 1. I don't know my ABC's till I get myself into school coz I didn't go to any kindergarten while I was 5 and 6 years old. Now I realize that how I can learn so fast and easily remember anything that my teachers taught me in class. I can visualize my teacher in front of me teaching one particular subject and listen word by word while I'm answering the paper in my exam. I think it is all because my mom taught me to know and learn Al-Quran first besides ABC's and 123's. She even taught me Zikrullah and Doa rather than singing me any nursery rhymes.

But we moms nowadays tend to teach our kids ABC's, 123's and singing most of the nursery rhymes songs to our children. Me myself did that. Eventho I'm still teaching Alif Ba Ta in between but still I let them watch Barney instead of let them listening to Al-Quran recitation. I'm not saying that it is bad, but I think we like to follow the western people on how to teach our children. I really love reading this blog, on how she taught both of her kids to recite and memorize Al-Quran by the age of 3. Can you imagine that? It was a very hard thing to do. It needs your patience and determination on making that happen. 

Why don't we moms try to do the same things to our kids. I know it is a very hard thing to do, but InsyaAllah all of us can do it. With usaha, doa dan tawakkal InsyaAllah our kids will be like her kids too. And don't even think that it is too late to teach our kids. Better late than never right? 

Harap2 kita diberi kesabaran dan kesungguhan untuk mendidik anak-anak kita. And don't put a very high expectations, coz if we don't achieve it, we ourselves will be down and tend to give up. Apa2 pon jangan mudah berputus asa dan byk2 kan berdoa agar anak-anak kita menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah, dan menjadi seorang insan yang tinggi akhlak dan akidahnya. Amin~

This entry is just for me to remember that moms can make mistakes too, everyone is not perfect. I just feel really bad right now coz I just yelled at Arsyad. He really test my patience. He didn't want to listen, always want to play with something that he knows I'll say no. I know he wanted to attract my attention. I really want to focus on him, but now I also have to give my attention to Farrel as well. Sometimes this feeling makes me feel sad coz I want to give them the best.Now I feel like crying. So I better stop typing. 

Ya Allah berikanlan aku kesabaran dan kesungguhan dalam mendidik anak-anak ku ke jalan MU Ya Allah. Amin~


  1. tak senang sebenarnya jadi ibu..perlu byk sabar..i pun sama gak..sejak jadi SAHM masa mmg tak pernah ckp? tido? mlm jek i tido..siang jarang sbb byk aktiviti perlu dilakukan..

    mmg!!! segan pada diri nie baru slowly terapkan keagamaan lbih pada anak2..cakap kat dorang yg dunia akhirat perlu seiring tapi kena lebihkan akhirat..

  2. sama lah kita..penat takyah ckp la penat2 pon rase puas hati dlm diri coz dpt jage anak sendiri..dpt tgk anak membesar depan mata..and yg penting, kita dpt control ape yg anak2 kita buat and tgk..semoga kita dpt menjadi ibu2 yang lebey bersabar dan tabah dlm mendidik anak2 kan.. :-)

  3. bestnye entry ni. ya Allah pls grant us moms lots of patience! amin...


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