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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Junior Masterchef..

Since I have two kids, I always start my day as early as possible. Most of the time I'll wake up earlier than both of them, so that I can finish up my chores. Only then I can entertain them 100 percent. If not, I have to rush out to finish up my house chores then at the same time have to look after them, especially Arsyad coz he always want to disturb his little brother. Alhamdulillah Farrel will not cry out even his big brother always disturb him while he is sleeping. So it makes my life easier. It is just that I have to watch out, afraid if Arsyad did something that can hurt his lil brother.

As today I woke up a bit late, so I was a bit behind my routine. After Arsyad and Farrel had their shower, I have to do the laundry and then prepared breakfast for me and Arsyad. And breastfed Farrel in between. Then have to entertain Arsyad, playing with his toys, helping him finish up his puzzle and lots more. And today also I didn't manage to prepare lunch on time. I just had my lunch around 3 pm. A bit late and I was so damn hungry. Mind you, I am fully breastfeeding, so I need to eat a lot and on time. If not, I'll feel dizzy.

While preparing my lunch, Arsyad was voluntarily helping me out in the kitchen. Actually I am more grateful if he just ignored me and help himself playing and watching Barney. Haha. But what can I do. He insisted to help me by making the mess. He did help me by cutting the vegetables that I gave him. Then he put it all in the pan that full of oil, which I will use it to fry the chicken. I just let him do what he wants. He then get himself a spatula then started stirring the veges. I did give him an empty pan, but he didn't want to use it coz he knew I will not use it to cook my meal. Clever boy huh~ 

potong sayur mcm mama buat.. tp last2 1 batang tu trus masukkan dlm pan..haha

I didn't manage to snap any pictures while he did that, worried if he wants to go near the fire. I know he enjoyed himself helping me cooking in the kitchen but I can't let him do that everyday coz I can't stand looking at all the mess. Haha. He also love to bake. Everytime I started my mixer, he will stand on his stool and helping me by putting all the ingredients in the bowl then start the mixer. I think he likes to see the bowl spinning around. Haha.

You want to be a Junior Masterchef yer Arsyad? I will teach you how to cook once you know how to play with your little brother kay. Hehe.


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