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Friday, January 6, 2012

2 Months Old Farrel

Sungguh cepat masa berlalu. Tup tup Farrel dah pon 2 bulan. Alhamdulillah, I still fully breastfeeding him, but didn't manage to start cloth diapering him yet. InsyaAllah I'll give it a try starting tomorrow. Hopefully I can do it as Farrel didn't poo-poo too much like a newborn anymore.

So far, taking care of Farrel is easy. He didn't cry so much, in fact I just can hear him cry sometimes only once a day. And that is just because I didn't give him milk immediately once he asked for it. Usually he just make a sound if he is hungry. While at night sometimes he just asked for milk once, and sometimes he will just sleep till the next morning. He didn't ask for milk once in 2 hours time like Arsyad when he was a baby. Alhamdulillah, I can get enough sleep at night and have enough energy to entertain my 3 years old son on the next day.

Farrel can response when people talking to him now. He will easily giggle and smile everytime we talk to him. He loves to see everything spinning and moving above him, something with bright colors of coz. He can't fit in his newborn clothes anymore. His weight now is 5.3kg and height 59cm. 100gram heavier and also 3cm longer than Arsyad when he was 2 months old. 

 before kene cucuk cool aje..hehe

 tembamnye saya..

tertido after shower.. :-)

p/s: I wish I can update more about Farrel and Arsyad. Hurm~


  1. seronok2..selalu kene gomol2 je pipi tuh..hehe

  2. Cpt je ye msa blalu..dh 2mths dh..ju,pakai CD tu cerewet x lau tuk ibu bkerja? Cpt kering x? Tebal gk kn CD tu..?

  3. tuh la cepat agi dh setahun..waaa~ klau bley nk diaorg ni jd baby je slalu..hehe..pasal CD tu, ramai je yg mommy2 yg bekerja pkai skrg..just nk convince kan baby sitter or nursery tu la payah jue rase klau kita provide semua brg and ajar btol2 cane nk handle CD tu diaorg ok kot..CD tu klau yg china brand mmg tebal for one size nye yg bley pkai dr newborn smpai toddler..klau US nye brand, dia ade yg specific size so takde la besar sgt just byk la nk kene invest nk beli kan.. ape pon senang je nk kering klau hujan kat luar just jemur bwh kipas pon kering..dh pregnant ke? :-)


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