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Monday, February 28, 2011

Like Orange Like Papa

We went to One Utama last thursday, just to hang out and window shopping. Suddenly papa decided to buy a new sandal to Arsyad. I was not the only one who was excited, but Arsyad also felt the same. I never thought that he will get so excited as we didn't buy him a new toy. 

Btw, he didn't want any sandal at all. He just want a new shoe. We tried to make him try on a new sandal, but he refused. He kept on asking me to put on the shoe that he chose. And guess what?? He chose the same color as papa's sandal, which is ORANGE!! Haha. It was so cute looking at them walking together coz the ORANGE color is so obvious. And I love it!!

Arsyad is more choosy nowadays. He just want us to listen to him. If he didn't get something that he wants, he will cry out loud or I should say pretend crying, make a sad face with one hand rubbing the eye and her lips will twitch out a bit. Haha. And when I say NO even he did that, he'll try to do another trick. Come to me with a cute and cheeky face, kiss me on my cheeks, lips and forehead, then pretend talking about something else, and finally he'll ask what he wants. Haha. So funny sometimes but most of the time, I just ignore him if he wants something that is not good. :-)

I still can't stop breastfeeding him. Always fail to do so. I have to try it sooner or later. Owh gosh!! Any tips mommies??


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