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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary Sayang

February 8th, 2011

This year is our 3rd wedding anniversary. I can't believe how time flies. Alhamdulillah, we are still together and I love my husband more and more every single day. We didn't manage to celebrate our anniversary on the day itself coz we just got back from our hometown last Thursday, and that explains why I didn't update my blog. But, InsyaAllah I'll do something special for him during his off day.

5 years ago we met with each other for the first time. And no one knows how on earth we got to know each other, we're not in the same school, and not in the same Uni. Yes, we're from the same hometown, and in fact we're just neighbour. But, we never met even once. I'm glad you found me and hold on to me, never let me go, even in our worse condition. Alhamdulillah we're still together and blessed with arrival of lil Arsyad after one year of marriage.

To my dear hubby, this one is specially for you:

All those years ago, my dear,
You made my world complete,
You became my perfect partner in life,
And you've been a world class treat!

We've loved and worked and made a home,
That fills me with pleasure and pride,
And it's all because of the wonderful one
Who has lived through the years by my side.

Thank you my treasured and cherished love,
You've made my dreams come true,
Your loving and caring have made our marriage
A blissfull adventure for two!

Happy Anniversary Sayang!!
Love you always..


  1. sweett nyeee......hehehehe
    moga berbahagia selaluu..amin~

  2. Hepi 3rd Anniversary..
    Semoga bahagia berkekalan hendaknya.


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