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Saturday, November 3, 2012

L'adorn London

Just bought 2 scarves from L'adorn London. All I can say is I love it!! Eventho the scarves are quite big for me, but then when I figure out how to style it then it looks just fine. 

I love the packaging. They wrap each scarf in different paper bag. And inside each paper bag, the scarves will be covered with tissue paper, black and pink tissue paper. 

That is me in their cotton's oblong shawl. I actually fold it into 2 coz the shawl is quite big. It is okay tho coz the material is quite thin so it will be transparent a bit if I just wear it as it is. The most important thing is, it is easy to wear. I love it and definitely will buy more from L'adorn London.

Do check them out coz every Monday they will update a new stock. So stay tuned!!!


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