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Monday, December 6, 2010

Shopping With Woody..

We went out to Ikano last friday as papa promised to bring Arsyad to Toys' R Us. Arsyad was very excited to see all the toys and can't decide which one to choose. But then once he saw the stroller with woody on it, he didn't bother to look at other toys anymore. Haha. 

It was so damn funny looking at him, pushing the stroller and at the same time, showing all the toys to Woody. Haha. At last, we just bought him a car. Takkan nak beli stroller plak kan?? Haha. Nanti org confuse plak girl ke boy nih. Haha. 

Btw, this is one of the videos that I managed to capture. Others, wayyy to big for me to upload and mama so damn lazy to resize. Hehe.


  1. comel je arsyad tolak woody dlm stroller....

  2. haha.. tuh la.. siap ckp2 lg tunjuk toy kat woody..haha


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