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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Admission @ KJMC

Dun know where to start. I'm still in shock and can't believe what just happened to my baby. Alhamdulillah  everything was normal, and he become active and playful again after spending 3 days and 2 nights stay at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. Everything happened so fast and I didn't expect it will be this bad.

29 Nov 2010

He was happily playing as usual, running here and there, jumping, riding his car. It was all started after he ran out from my room then suddenly slipped and fall down around 2.30pm. He cried out loud and still conscious. He just wanted me to hold him and lay down on the bed. Half an hour later, he started vomiting. We brought him to the clinic first, then immediately got the referral letter to the hospital for further investigation coz he already vomited 5 times within 4 hours I think. 

We arrived at KJMC around 7 something, thanks to the heavy traffic. We went straight to his paeds's clinic and then he handed the case over to the surgeon. On the way to the KJMC Arsyad already vomited 3 times, in total 8 times. And while waiting for the surgeon, he vomited again, twice in total 10 times. The surgeon started to set the line for the IV, and only GOD knows how I felt at that time - watching my baby cried out loud, called mama and looking at the nurses who really slow and blood keep flowing. I really want to scold them at that time, but thinking that it was hard to handle a baby and it will make them more nervous. So I just hold my baby's face and try to distract him with all the stories that we usually read. I did cry coz he keeps on calling mama, sort of asking me to help. But I can't do anything at all.

so weak and tired..

Then, the nurse gave him the sleeping pill so that the CT scan can be done. He vomited again few minutes after that. Luckily he fall asleep during the scan. I can't watch my lil one lying down during the scanning. I keep on walking in and outside the monitoring room and keep on praying to GOD, hoping that nothing bad happen to my baby. We went back to our room and waited for the result. About an hour later, the surgeon came and Alhamdulillah the report turns out well. No internal bleeding and skull fractures. But still need to observe him for at least 24hours as Arsyad still vomit twice after that and stop after the nurse gave him ubat tahan muntah. 

slept for a while before the ct scan..

30 Nov 2010

His body was still weak but he didn't vomit anymore. The surgeon asked us to stay 1 more night to observe Arsyad's condition. We just agreed as Arsyad was still weak and didn't want to eat and drink. He started to be okay and be himself again around 2pm. He started to play and talk as usual. It made me happy and worried at the same time coz I've to watch out his drip all the time. He always want to walk far away from the machine and turn around that makes the wire twist all around. He even 'salam' with all the people came by to visit him and didn't cry anymore when he saw the nurses came in to check his temperature. 

better but just want to lie down on bed..

started to smile and want to kiss2 mama.. 

1 Dec 2010

Alhamdulillah, he has been discharged and need to do the follow up next week. I still need to monitor him closely tho.

Alhamdulillah, happily playing before went home..

This was the first time Arsyad needs to be admitted. We were so scared and don't know what to do. Just pray and pray and pray. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happen to him. Really hope that this incident will not happen again. Thanks to all for the wishes and doa. Really appreciate it. :-)


  1. Salam Jue,

    Syukur Alhamdulillah Arsyad sihat walafiat. Kak Zai sangat faham perasaan takut dan cemas Jue. Memang menakutkan bila baca cerita Jue. Masa tu macam2 perasaan yang timbul di benak kan? Yang termampu hanya berdoa saja. I've been there.

    Myra pun tersangat aktif. Dah banyak kali jatuh dan terhantuk terutamanya di bahagian kepala. Mujur setakat ni dia ok. Kalau gi outing dah 4 kali hilang sebab dia suka explore & sangat berani(dia akan meronta2 bila didukung). Waktu tu macam nak terhenti jantung ni. Akak hanya mampu berdoa saja moga dia selamat.

    Sekarang dia suka memanjat katil, kerusi dan meja kemudian melompat ke bawah. Memang menakutkan sebab akak pernah tengok budak 2 tahun yg patah tangan akibat terjatuh dari sofa. nauzubillah...
    Apa yang boleh dibuat ialah monitor pergerakan dia dan halang dia. Kalau dinasihat dan marah pun dia belum faham sangat. One more thing, dia suka meniru aksi2 orang lain. Itu pun cabaran juga.
    Akak doakan mudah2an Arsyad terus membesar dengan sihat, cerdik dan cerdas. Sabar Jue, semua ni dugaan dan ujian drp-Nya. Jauh lagi perjalanan kita.
    Take care, sis!
    ~mama myra~

  2. yaAllah.. hopefully nothing happen to arsyad jue. take care ye..

  3. Ya Allah! nasib baik... i think its because of the fall. im praying for arsyad's health. amin!!!!!

  4. syukur arsyad dah ok, akak ingat lagi bila sikecik kena warded, mmg kita risau sgt.
    anak2 sebesar arsyd tu mmg le suka lari sana lari sini, anak2 akak pun camtu, boleh pecah umah dibuatnya

  5. K.Zai : Thanks k.zai.. takut yg teramat tp nk buat camane kids always be kids.. exploring is one of their job kan.. kdg2 terlepas pandang tu yg takut tuh.. InsyaAllah Arsyad takde pape..

    Yunz: Thanks dear~

    Fiza: thanks fiza.. yup it is bcoz of the fall.. hopefully it will not happen again

    mamasyaza: tuh la.. syukur sgt2..

  6. Ya Allah.. dugaan betul... Alhamdulillah dia dah pulih.. mesti u risau amatkan?

    t dh private blog, THE UGLY TRUTH.. kalau nak baca blog t, emelkan t emel add.. nanti t invite u..

    tq & take care


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