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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look A Like Shawl

Recently I have these two shaded shawls which I bought at two different places. Actually I just bought one and my sister did give me another one. Lucky me to have so nice sister huh? Hehe. So what are the differences other than price?

This one is from Arzu. I think everyone knows Arzu boutique. They got 2 boutiques, one at KLCC and another one at Mid Valley. You can find a lot of shaded shawls there and this one is the wrinkle one. I think this kind of shawl is very convenient as I can just pack it in my bag without me worrying my shawl will be wrinkle and I need to iron it after that. I love the length of the shawl as I can twist it around twice and make a nice drape at the front. And I don't have to wear an inner coz it covers my back and front. I love the material, a very soft cotton. It makes me comfortable to wear it all day long without any brooch and pin to hold the hijab on my head. It is quite pricey, RM200 for 3 pieces (promotion price for this month). But it is worth it. Easy to care and easy to wear. :-)

So lets move on to the next shawl, which is look a like Arzu's one. I just bought the shawl 2 days ago. Actually, I just pass by the small shop in the middle of the Giant Hypermarket, then suddenly I saw this shaded shawl. I know there are a lot of online blogshops that sell this kind of shawl. But I didn't bother to buy it, coz I'm afraid I will not like the material. So, when I saw it in front of me, I give it a try. I like the material, not as soft as Arzu's but it is okay to me. It is shorter and I need to wear an inner with it. I just can make one twist so that it can nicely cover my back and front. The price is only RM25 per piece. Way much cheaper than Arzu's but you can see a lot of differences between these two. 

So, which one do I love the most? Arzu's of course coz I can wear it without any brooch and pin and I love the material so much. But which one will I buy again? Definitely, the second one, it is so damn cheaper than the Arzu's. Haha. I can get 8 pieces of it rather than only 3 pieces of Arzu's for RM200. 

Can you see the difference just by looking at those 2 pictures above?


  1. U Cantik sangat babe. I bought 1 shade from Amraa (Ampang Point) sama cam Arzu tapi cheaper sikit. Tapi i like the length, blh twist 2 kali, then i bought from Ammara Hijab (online) shaded but short for RM25. The material not as soft as Arzu or Amraa, but I like it very much, same as you, i dont bother to iron when I'm away. very convenient kan.

  2. lana: awa kan shawl ni.. hehe

    cik ayu: thanks dear~ senang kn nk pkai.. hehe


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