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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids and Cats

Does your kid loves cat? Or you just totally forbidden them to go near the cat? Hehe.. Arsyad really2 love to play with cats and he doesn't afraid to touch or even to pull their ears or tails.. Haha.. Everytime we go to Wan Cu's house, he'll definitely play with the cat..

Last week, he had a chance to play with the cat and the kittens as well.. This time around he can't touch the cat coz they're in the cage, sleeping.. And, Arsyad was not the only one who crazy about the cat, his cousin, Maira also the same.. Hehe.. Both of them are so cute playing together with the cat..

I don't have the picture of them playing with the cat.. But, I do have their solo pictures.. It has been so long I didn't capture my nieces' and nephews' pictures.. Hurm~ I need to practice a lot to snap great photos, especially the kids.. So, here are some of the photos.. Is it okay?? or K.O?? or so-so?? hahaha..

Ibu kucing yg sleepy~

Maira koyak2kan daun pokok Wan Cu.. hehe

Arsyad kacau cat tido..

Posing sikit Maira.. :D

Both of them geram btol dgn cat.. hehe

Of coz suami tercinta yg snap.. :-)

Suke dgr maira ckp.. pokpekpokpek non-stop..hehe

Tgk dari luar je la yer.. hehe

Mama nak jgk b'gambar eventho nmpak jaring2..haha

 Nanti papa bela kucing tuk arsyad kay.. Mama tlg tgk jer eventho mama yg suke kucing.. :D


  1. maen2 ngan anak kucing ye? comel!!

    suka tgk gmbr raya u.. meriah.. cantik2 pakai baju kurung batik..

  2. mamasyaza: i suke kucing.. sgt suke.. :D

    Ruziawati: Tq dear~ Family jual batik tu yg sume pkai batik.. hehe.. feel free to visit my sales blog

  3. haaa comel arsyad suka kucing ehhh...irfan suka tengok and panggil2 kucing tu...tapi kalau kucing datang dekat confirm dia lari berterabur macam la dinosaur yang datang. wakakkakakkaka

  4. owh, my son will make a request to go to pak ngah's house purposely to play with cats. --> koko n memey :)


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