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Monday, September 20, 2010

Indahnya Syawal 2010 - Part II

Okay, cite pasal Raya Part II plak.. This year, three of my sisters were not celebrating Aidilfitri together with us. So, that was why I don't have so many pictures this time around - takde geng yang giler bergambar ni.. hahaha.. I was the one yang akan snap the pictures, others didn't bother to snap.. Hubby on the other hand was busy entertaining Arsyad, kejap2 nak tgk cat, rooster, duck, cow and macam2 lagi..

This year, we didn't manage to cover all of the aunties' and uncles' houses, only on my side I think. Tak dpt nk pegi coz Arsyad was having a bad fever on 3rd day of Raya. :-(

Anyway, these were only the pictures.. No pictures of me, sedey jek... :-(

eh ade jugak 1 gambar.. hehe

 Arsyad malu2 kucing..

kepanasan dan kekenyangan..

my bro and his lovely wife..

Arsyad tertido kepenata.. and still tanak lepas orange tuh.. haha

p/s: sistas, jom amek gambar raya beramai2..


  1. masih mood raya lagi yea kak..arsyad comeii sgguh la..

  2. alololo comei nya arsyad tu polok2 orange! hihihihi...
    selamat hari raya to u too jue!!!!

  3. Fiza: hehe.. terlepas je orange tu nangis trus..

    L@n@: mmg seronok!! :D


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