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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Indahnya Syawal 2010

How's your Raya? Hopefully all of you enjoy celebrating Aidilfitri with family and friends. Mine, as usual - fun, fun, fun and tired of coz. Hehe. This year, I just managed to snap few photos. And, I just have few family photos, only on 1st day Raya. I don't know whether my bro and sistas have our family photos, don't have time to transfer any photos from their camera.

This year, Arsyad was not so behave, and cranky all the time. Hurm~ He didn't want to salam everyone, only few, depends on his mood. He always wanted us to hold him, didn't want to walk at all. But, when he came back home to his "Wan's" house, he'll be happy and playing non-stop with his cousins. Sabo je la. Mama pon dh malas nk jln2 coz he'll cry and cry and cry.

Okay, enuff with the stories. Dun know whether there will be part II or not. Haha. Maybe I just put some photos only, then there will be part II, part III and so on. Hahaha.

Ni bukan pg raya, tp dh ptg muka pon dh berminyak..haha

Ni je gambar yg arsyad senyum..

Macam2 gaya..

Arsyad & papa..

Arsyad & mama..

Tu je la gambar kami sekeluarga.. Huhu~ Nanti sambung balik la part II.. malas dh nk upload.. haha


  1. Nice family pic! tula...Arsyad asyik meragem je..nak gossip2 ngan mamapun takleh hihi


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