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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zenzi Beauty Centre - Sothys Dealer

Owh... Finally I managed to do my facial treatment today.. It has been so long since my last treatment, which is 2 years ago just before I got married.. :P So today I had my facial treatment at my usual place, Zenzi Beauty Centre at Uptown, Damansara..  Luckily the owner, Peggy still remember me and of coz all my sistas.. :D

She suggested the hydration O2 treatment, which I think their latest promotion at the moment.. The normal price is RM390.. They have promotion now for the 1st trial which is RM290.. The treatment is basically for hydration, energizing your skin and make your skin glowing and brighter.. Overall, I love the way my face feel after the facial session!! Very refreshing!! Fairer!! Cool!! And soothing!!

I love the way they massage my eyes, shoulder, head, face and also leg.. Yeap!! Kaki pon diaorg urut.. Very relaxing!! And I slept all the way till the end except during the extraction part.. Hehe.. I can't remember when was the last time I feel so relax like this.. So, I'm definitely will go there for the next treatment.. :-)

p/s: Thanks hubby and sis for the treat.. Love u both.. :D


  1. finally...u made it to get a facial...u need it dear...treat youself too! :-)

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