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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mari Conteng-Conteng..

It was quite some time I didn't do any coloring or scribbling activity with my lil one. I'm totally forgot about it. Coz the last time I let him do it, he was over doing it. I don't want to scold at him, so I just kept the drawing block and pencil colors in the drawer. I was so damn tired to say the same thing everytime we did the activity; "Arsyad, jangan baling.. put it back here", "Arsyad, do it on the paper,  not on the floor", "Arsyad, don't put it in your mouth".. Semua ada JANGAN, DON'T and NO. Sabar je la kan. Nak buat camane, kdg2 automatic kuar dari mulut. hahaha.

Btw, tonight I'm giving him the opportunity to play with the color pencils and drawing block. Do whatever he wants as long as he didn't color it on my wall. He was so damn excited when I took it out from the drawer. Siap clap his hands, jumping all over the place and talking excitedly eventho I didn't understand a single word. Haha. I become excited too when looking at his cheeky and happy face. So, we did the coloring together. He picked one color then start coloring and scribbling. Then, I'll tell him what was the color. The activity went well just for few minutes. Haha. Then he started to throw all the color pencils, but then pandai plak put it back in the box. Ape-ape la arsyad, janji u have fun kay baby.. :-)

try to take out the color pencils..

tak main kuarkan satu2, kuarkan byk trus..haha

then color..owh he love to sit on the paper..

style baru pegang pencil..haha.. if u can see his face tgh excited..haha

cubaan tuk masukkan dlm mama tgk so buat2 tiup.. haha

merajuk coz mama just tunjuk signal NO..

He loves this color pencils more than LUNA one, just bcoz of the mickey mouse..


some of his arts.. hehe

Lain kali kita buat lg kay sayang.. :-)


  1. best nya ada anak......... anyway.. quality gambar sangat cun...

  2. suhaida: best2.. hehe

    mamazana: :-)

    pn farah: baru setahun setengah.. hehe


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