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Friday, August 6, 2010

Arsyad and Lightning McQueen

One of Arsyad's favorite movie is Cars, and his favorite of coz Lightning McQueen. His papa did buy him the McQueen car toy and he was so damn excited about it. Nak tido, nak mandi, Lightning McQueen mesti  ada kat tangan. Hhhaaiishh~ But then, the Lightning McQueen was gone. I think he accidentally dropped it at the Giant, during our groceries shopping. 

McQueen dlm kenangan.. hehe

Since then, we didn't buy another McQueen for him coz he already has lots and lots of cars. Till papa saw something when we went to Carrefour, Kota Damansara. At first, I didn't bother to go inside the shop and look at it. But then pikir2 balik, layan je la. haha. Papa did ask the sales person whether they had any Cars character instead of Thomas, Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse and lots more. They simply said no, tapi belek-belek ade plak. Nampak sgt tak tau main jwb je takde. Even Arsyad excitedly shouted "car, car" when he saw Lightning McQueen. hehe.

It is not a toy.. just a small carpet.. hehe

We put it in our room first coz he rarely wanted to play in his room. He likes to play with this McQueen. Siap baring kiss2 lg McQueen tu. And sometimes when he wanted to go out, he will say good bye to it. It was so damn funny. Hahaha. Kadang2 taktau la ape dia ckp ngan McQueen tu. Siap tunduk2 and tunjuk kat McQueen the toy yang dia pegang. :-)

lompat-lompat tgk cars..

abaikan brg2 yg bersepah tu yer.. :P


  1. samalah cam sikecik akak, dia cukup banyak koleksi keta kecik, nak mandi pun bwk sekali, nak tdo lagilah penuh katil...tension kengkdg tu

  2. ank yaa dh abis musim ngn cars...skg musim toy story plok...ehehehe

  3. arsyad suke jgk toy story.. cars still one of his favorites.. hehe

  4. hai nak tanyer mane beli carpet car's tu yer? :)

  5. A,ah....nak tanya juga.beli kat mana kapet tue.comei


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