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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Little Update..

Wow~ It's been a while since my last update.. I'm quite busy lately (eventho I'm not working, I'm still busy u..haha).. Last 2 weeks, my mom came here from Trg to look after my sista and her twins for a week.. So, I spent most of my time at her house, and of coz I'm the one who drove her to the hospital for the jaundice and post-natal checkup.. I'm glad I can help her.. I dun know how I'm going to handle 2 newborns and a toddler.. huh~

And, within that week also, my kitchen cabinet and wardrobe were successfully installed.. It took them 2 days to install everything, but we're still waiting for the magic glass window and sliding door to be installed next tuesday.. With the solid surface top installation yesterday, Alhamdulillah, finally we've our dream kitchen cabinet.. Huh~ penat tak payah ckp coz how many times we've to clean up all the  messes and dust.. I can't wait to cook in my new kitchen.. hahaha..

So, our next projects are our living hall, decoration and also Arsyad's room.. Wow~ loong way to go.. :-)


  1. Jue..tempek gambo la skit..nak tgk..

  2. bestnye dlm renovate umah, dpt hias umah kasi cantik...kena tepek gambar tau lepas ni...teringin nak nengok kitchen kabinet tu

  3. hehe.. nnti jue letak gambar.. tak sempat lg nk amek gambar :-)

  4. It will never complete.. dah almost 3 years dok umah sendiri ni pon.. mmg tak pernah complete pon umah ni.. sbb takde duit.. hahahahhahaha

  5. salam,, sy mmg suke bace blog ni..
    btw, ur hometowh trg ke..?

  6. Hi Faz.. yup Terengganu is my hometown.. Org Trg jugak ke?


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