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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Mama Breastfeeds, What About Yours?

When i first found out that i was pregnant, I always telling myself that i'm gonna bf my baby up to 2 years with GOD will. I started to google everything about breastfeeding through net. And luckily, i have 2 sisters who really2 into this breastfeeding. I got a lot of information and full support from them. This is the most important thing, moral support from ur family as it is not easy to bf ur baby especially for caesarean birth, like me.

I'm not here to say that i'm already successful in bf..its just 1 month plus, i'm exclusively bf my little Arsyad..InsyaAllah i'll continue bf him till he turns to 2 years old..I just wanna share my experience with all moms out there, especially for c-sect moms..

Well, what i can say is the most challenging part of breastfeeding is the 1st week after ur delivery..ur breast will start to engorge, ur nipple will start to crack and maybe some of u have experienced mastitis or breast abscess like me..U can read more about it in

Yes, it is very difficult and painful to bf ur baby, but plz DO NOT give up and DO NOT stop feeding ur baby..coz once u stop feeding them, ur brain will send a msg or signal that ur baby does not need the milk.Ur body's milk supply is closely tied to ur baby's needs. When the baby breastfeeds, signals travel from the breast to the brain to release the hormones (like sms'ing to ur mind :D). These signals are very strong. Hearing ur baby cry, or even just thinking about ur baby, can cause milk to flow. So, once u stop bf them, thats when the brain stop producing milk and ur milk supply is getting low. That's when people keep on saying that they do not have enuf milk supply. Actually, breastfeeding has a natural supply and demand rhythm. The more often u put the baby to ur breast, the more milk u will produce.

If u have the same prob with me, where u can't feed ur baby due to certain reasons, breast abscess, etc..u still can stimulate the milk by pumping them, make sure u pump every 1 or 2 hours..On the 1st week after my delivery, my breast started to engorge and my nipple started to crack very2 badly and it hurts me a lot. But still i continue pumping (make sure u use the best for me i use Medela Freestyle Pump and i think its efficient and does not hurt me that much). I think i'm very lucky as i managed to get,urm sometimes up till the first 1 to 2 weeks of ur milk is colostrum..some people will not even get 1oz.

my colostrum - I managed to get 3 1/2 oz -

Colostrum is a thin, white fluid excreted at the end of pregnancy and contains more lactalbumin and lactoprotein than regular breast milk. It is rich in antibodies, proteins and vitamins that are crucial in providing massive immunity to a newborn, that's y it's called "liquid gold". Colostrum is enough to nourish ur baby until u start producing breast milk.

Right after my little Arsyad is out, the nurse immediately place him at my breast and gently touch my nipple to his lips to get his attention. It is very important to breastfeed ur baby ASAP after ur delivery. As i was still in drug, i can't move even a bit to bf him. It is very sad to see him cried but the nurse and myself didn't giveup to keep on trying bf him. I tried the lying position even its so damn difficult to move. People said the side-lying hold is a good position for c-sect moms, yes its true. But not for the first 1 or 2 days or even 1 week. U've to stretch out on ur side wit ur baby tummy-to-tummy with u. Without a proper support, it may hurt ur wound.

For me, the best position to bf ur baby for c-sect moms is football hold. Place a pillow at ur side, or u can use the nursing pillow. Lay the baby on the pillow. Place the back of ur baby's head in the palm of ur hand. Ur forearm should support ur baby's shoulders and spine.

Football Hold

However, u may varied the position to avoid breast engorgement that can lead to mastitis or breast abscess. That's what i learnt as i've already experienced it. If u notice parts of ur breast are red, sore, hard and painful, and even worse u experience symptoms like high fever, immediately go to the hospital and get an early treatment. U may recover it earlier or else the doc will cut a bit to drain out the "nanah". It hurts a lot, u've to clean it up everyday and it is so difficult to bf ur baby. However, i still don't give up even a bit as everytime i feel the pain, i keep on thinking about my little Arsyad and i want the best for him which is keep on feeding him with my milk.

my weight = 4.6kg and my height = 56cm

Whateva it is, DON't GIVE UP, gather all the info and support. And most important thing is pray to GOD. InsyaAllah, with ur effort and doa, Allah will make it easy for u. :)


  1. Like what PPUM nurse said during breastfeeding class "(like sms'ing to ur mind :D)"

  2. Congrats sis... u r one strong mom!! I'm sure arsyad will be one genius baby like u!! way to go.. insyaAllah every drop of our milk is pahala to us mom.. Ameen :)

    Happy breastfeeding!

  3. yup! i used football (american football!:P, not soccer) position all the 3 times after birth! Yup, until they are not small enough to carry like football easily..Hahahaha..:-) Enjoy breastfeeding, we all do huh..:-)(sabar masa jaga mlm2 ajelah, i'm still on with it, no sleeping thru for me yet!:P)

  4. waaa... seramnya baca.. anyway, gud luck and all the best you and your family for years to come


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