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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Arsyad In Action

He loves bear so much..he will look, stare and talk to the bear especially after changing his diaper or after shower..But not so long tho, 20 minutes is the longest, then he will start to cry..

Now, arsyad is capable to smile when mama n papa talk to him..n sometimes he sounds like he understands every single thing that we told him..he smile back to us when we talk nicely, make a sad face when we told him not to be so manja, always wanna people to hold him..He likes to play on his tree house playgym, has someone to talk with him, less sleep during daytime and sleep well at nite (but, every 2 hours he will cry for his precious milk tho)..Good development for 1 month old baby :)

Arsyad with little bear

Arsyad watching tv on his tree house playgym

Papa n mama loves u baby :)


  1. wahh..kecik2 dah practise concentration nih.. hahaha..20mins of staring/looking for 1mth old baby, so impressive! Go for, teach as much as you can, as 90% of their brain developed in first 5yrs of life! Umar only got 10% more..Hahahhahaha...:P :-) (however i don't know whether it's good or not to teach advanced thing like algebra/chemistry at very young age though, guess good for the brain to work/thinking, but for the knowledge itself..not sure. But we got more than that huh, like Quran!) :-)


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