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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Batrisyia's 7th Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, 20th February 2009, all of my siblings in KL gathered together at Victoria Station, Damansara..all of us around 14 adults, 9 kids if i'm not mistaken..At first, we just wanna celebrate Batrisyia's 7th birthday, as usual just small celebration together with my sis Jem, Yanie..then the plan was changed as our beloved mom was here.. :) so everyone gathered together for Batrisyia's birthday even my sis, Zie from Singapore came down here..

Batrisyia was so excited as everyone was there to celebrate her usual Zafran also excited when everyone sang happy birthday song to kakak..haha..while Amsyar thought it was his birthday too, so he wanna blow the candle too..All of us have fun last nite, its quite some time we didn't gather will be much much fun if all of us, 14 of us were there last nite.. :)

Enjoy the piccas~

Arsyad + Mama + Papa


Yanie n family

Jem n family

Birthday girl - Batrisyia-

The food & Juices -yummy~-

Hope we can gather together again ya sistas n bros..Love u all!!


  1. :-) Alhamdulillah that I got the chance to be with our MUMMY!!! and you guys. I did not expect it myself that Friday am when I knew Chik's coming, I feel like going to meet her, and Naz already knew it how much I miss her lately. He asked me if I want to go to KL, right after I finished spoken to Chik. btw e-mail me pictures with Chik pls! :P ;-)

  2. Mana gambar papa kopitiam? update laa cepat!

  3. too many piccas to upload la..but no internet connection last few days..saba' noo..


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