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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tips To Do Children's Activities At Home

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Since Arsyad went to school, he always want to do something fun at home. Either workbook, art & craft, sensorial activities and many more. It is fun watching them having fun and enjoying themselves doing or should I say playing happily in completing those activities.

Everyday, I will make sure there is something ready for them to do. Usually we will start our activity around 4.30pm to 5pm as Arsyad finish school at 3pm. In order for us to make these kind of activities as a routine, we need to do it everyday, so that they will get used to it. Sometimes I also need a "me time", so there will be one or two days that they can play anything they want without me supervising them. But trust me, once they are getting used with all the educational activities, they will try to play something that they can learn with. For example playing with lego, build or create something with it on their own, then started to imagine what is actually they build. They will tell you a very nice story and sometimes I can just laughing and put a smile on my face listening to their conversation. :-)

I know to entertain our kids all the time is not easy. It needs a loooottt of patience!! Sometimes, me myself can't control my anger in handling both of my kids. But, after awhile, I realize that they will more behave if you were involved in the activities with them (meaning no phone, no TV and no house chores. Just concentrate on them), be more relax when having a conversation or playing with them ( for example, if you need to rush on something don't show it to them. Don't make them to do/complete it faster because you want to do something else. This is not helping them to learn. They can see it on your face).

Set your own ground rules. Everytime I want to do painting or arts & craft session with my kids, I will ask them to sit down first while I setting up all the things that they need in order to do it. If they didn't listen to you, then you will not set up the table. Make sure you stick with your own rules. After completing the activity, ask them to clean it up. Clean all the brushes, the containers and table. Please provide proper tools for them to use. I always prepare the stool for them to wash their hands at the sink, provide kitchen towels and multipurpose spray for them to cleanup the table. You will be amazed looking at them working together to make sure everything is clean. :-)

And the most important thing is, you are having fun in doing those activities with them. I always google on what activities that I can do with my kids. Hope those tips can give you an idea on how to do activities with your kids at home. Coz I know sometime kita tak sabar kan?? All those mess.. huh~ But it is worth it!! :-)

Inshaa Allah I will share any other tips if I have some time. :-)


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