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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Treehouse Sports Day 2013

Arsyad's school sportsday was held last month, October 2013. It was indeed a very successful and fun event coz it is not just about the children, but the whole family of the Tree House Islamic Montessori Playschool including the parents. The event were also called as picnic day/family day. We have to bring our own basket, blanket/mat, any other food to enjoy the precious time with our children during the break. I love the concept coz I know most of the parents don't have so much quality time with their children. So, this is one way for the parents to get to know of their children at school, how excellent they are and what they are capable to achieve. :-)

The event started with the marching parade starting from Baby Khalifah (age 1 1/2-3 years old), Little Khalifah (3-4 years old) and Junior khalifah (5-6 years old). The fun part was, most of the babies in Baby Khalifah's group were marching with their parents coz they got cranky when they knew their moms and dads were there. Then the Little's coming in with their Froggy mask and the Junior's with the bird and horse theme I think.

After the marching parade, then the game started. I didn't get to watch all the games. Arsyad was playing hop hop the froggy game. Eventhough he was a bit shy to hop in front a loott of other people, but he managed to finish it. I was so proud of him. Hehe. 

I can't believe watching my boy doing all those. He is such a big boy already. Another one more year then you will be in standard 1 Arsyad. I hope you can stay this young forever!! Mama loves u baby..


  1. arsyad ensem.!! cpt je dorg ni mbesar...

    ju, ni islamic school eh? kat ampang tu de satu xslp nama tree house gak...tapi cam omputih je ramai...

  2. aah islamic school.. yg ni baru bukak this year takde branch lg so far.. kebetulan nama sama kot.. hehe


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