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Monday, September 24, 2012

Missing You..

It has been years my husband didn't go outstation, since Arsyad was born to be exact. So it is not usual for me not having him around, eventho there will be 2 days he'll be working at night, but still it doesn't feel the same.

Right now, I feel like something missing, part of me is missing. I don't wanna be a drama queen here but it does feel like that. Hopefully both of my kids will be fine without his papa. Arsyad already asked few times when papa is coming back and I keep on answering papa will be back on Thursday. Papa was on the aeroplane just now remember?? Anak manja papa kan of coz la keep on asking about his papa..

Hopefully you'll be fine there darling. We miss u so much and can't wait to see u. Love u.. Take care of yourself yea.. mmmuuaahh~


  1. Hubby ke mane dear? For how long? Tu la too cant be apart from my hubby even da biase when he 2 nite shift kje mlm... Huhuhh


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