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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little Update

It is so hard for me to online nowadays.. Once a day for 5 minutes time is good enough for me to get myself updated on what's happening around me and my friends.. Eventhough I didn't blog everyday but I still try to read all of your blogs and thanks for those who keep on visiting mine..

I did have 3 hours time when Arsyad goes to school, but I can't do much as I need to finish up all my house chores; cooking, laundrying, ironing, vacuuming, moping.. And not to mention need to watch my lil prince, Farrel who is very very active nowadays.. He can crawl very fast now, and able to sit on his own without support.. Did I mention that he just turn to 8 months old last 2 days?? Wow~~ so fast huh?? In 4 months time he'll be 1 year old already.. I still didn't blog about his milestone when he was 6 and 7 months old.. Sorry Farrel I'll try to put it all in one entry InsyaAllah.. I wanna keep it in here just like Arsyad so that I'll read it again one day..

Btw, it has been a month Arsyad went to school.. Alhamdulillah, he didn't cry everytime I sent him there..He seems excited everytime he saw his school from far, but always made a sad face everytime I left him.. Whatever it is, he is just fine.. He loves doing the arts and crafts at school, loves playing with his friends and teachers.. I'm glad that he was having fun.. :-)

He is such a big boy.. I still can remember he used to bring his toys anywhere he goes, but now
he'll left them in the car everytime he went to school.. He'll grab his backpack and bottle water and then walk with me to his class.. I always think that he will have a hard time to adapt as he didn't go to any nursery, always stay with me 24-7 at home.. But I was totally wrong!! Alhamdulillah.. I hope he'll learn something good at school.. :-)

Okay, enough for now.. I was updating my blog in the middle of the night while my babies were sleeping and my hubby is working tonight.. Hope, I can update more often and share some of the testimonials from my Mary Kay's customers.. :-)

Till then, take care.. :D


  1. Nice to see the boys all smiling :)

    Have fun Arsyad & Farrel!

    Take care mama :)

  2. hye dear,same wif me, somtimes updates blog time my faris was sleeping and hubby is working, after complete everything, br blh update blog, somtimes update kt opis! :)

    luv to visit ur blog dear :))

  3. 2 beradik yang hensem. sekejap aje hero kecik tu membesar.


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