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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Update & Great News..

I was so not in the mood to update my blog. I can't even stand long enough in front of my lappy to post a new entry. The nausea, headache and my hyperactive little hero makes me impossible to think on what to post eventho I have a lot of things to story about.

So, one by one. First of all, I'm not feeling very well lately coz of my morning sickness or should I say all day long sickness. Haha. Yup~ I'm 9 weeks pregnant. Alhamdulillah. Arsyad will soon get a baby brother or sister. We did a scan last week and Alhamdulillah everything looks good. And Arsyad even look at the screen and call his tiny little brother or sister , "fish". Till now, when he looks at my tummy, he'll say "fish". Haha. 

This time around, I can hardly eat. Sometimes I don't even know what I want to eat, most of the time actually. But, Alhamdulillah everything goes in my mouth, didn't come out like my 1st pregnancy. My skin is not as glowing as before. I can't even look at my own face in the mirror nowadays. Need to be more patience and hoping that this feeling will go away.

My little prince, Arsyad become more clingy and sensitive. He will do everything to attract my attention. He didn't like babies nowadays. He'll cry and shout everytime I hold a baby. And he wants me to hold him all the time everytime we went to the mall. I can't even walk on my own, but I've to carry a 2 year old toddler with me. Can u imagine that?? I've to be more patience. I know he knew that he'll be no longer my little baby anymore. But you will always be Arsyad. I hope you know that. Mama always love you.

Okay, enough for now. Hopefully my appetite will be better and I can update my blog more often. Please pray for my health yeah~ :-)


  1. congrats dear! take care & selamat makan makan makan (bcoz inilah masanye we have an excuse to be FAT!!!)

  2. Jue, congrats!
    take care of yourself and baby kehh..?? :D

  3. yey!!! hepinye!!!congrats dear
    take care..rindunye momen2 peknen hehehe :)

  4. congratulations!!! hope u r doing well..take care ok?

  5. alhamdulilah..congratulations! yea arsyad gonna be a big brother from now on....take care dear!

  6. syiqim: thanks a lot dear.. mmg time ni je la i akan gemuk, pastu kembali kpd asal..hehe

    nYomeL: thanks dear.. InsyaAllah..

    Fiza: tq tq.. aku rindu time 6 months and above je.. time tu je baru best mkn.. now sume tak lalu nk mkn.. aaaaa~ cepat la berlalu..

    screamingmommy: thanks sis.. insyaAllah..

    cikayu: thanks a lot.. tak nmpak mcm rupa big brother lg.. hehe..

  7. Congrats mama jue. Dah nk masuk dua.he

  8. congrats jue.. take care :)

  9. alamak cool lah pregnancy test stick tu! :)


  10. congratulation. pengalaman tu yg buat pregnancy so special, right! hope you can go through it well.

    arsyad xsuka baby lagi tp suka fish..hehe..nanti leh main dgn fish yg transform jadi baby ya. bermanja manjaan selagi boleh..

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