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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ayers Rock Butcher and Grill

We went to this restaurant at Kota Damansara last 2 weeks I guess.. I don't know what to eat that night, so I just agreed whatever my hubby suggested.. We've tried their food at Bukit Jelutong and it was not that bad and not that yummy either.. 

This time around, I've tried their premium ribeye, and hubby tried the burger.. It was so damn yummy!!! And I can finish the whole plate.. Mine was RM40 and hubby's was RM18 I think.. And there is no tax and service charges.. 

The steak doesn't has any specific gravy, but it is just nice like that.. I really2 love it!! If you like steaks and burgers, you should try this.. :-)


  1. i LOVE steaks & burgers!!!! love love love. mesti pegi blk msia nanti :) i plg suka lambchops :)

  2. the steak looks nice...make me feeling hunry early in the morning visit me

  3. will go for the burger,esp chicken or others. steak cannot for me.


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