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Friday, November 11, 2011

My 2 Lil Heroes

When Arsyad was first time looking at his lil brother, Farrel at the hospital, he was so damn excited. He kept on climbing on my bed and gently touch his lil brother. And, he said baby pointed his finger to my tummy and then baby Farrel. Hehe.

He start kissing Farrel when we were at home. He will kiss again and again. And starting yesterday, he started to show his jealousy towards Farrel. He will climb on me everytime I want to breastfeed Farrel. And when his papa wanted to pass Farrel to me, he will immediately climb on the bed or sofa lying down next to me. Hehe. 

Wait till Farrel grows a bit bigger kay Arsyad.. Then you can play with Farrel.. :-)


  1. this is brotherhood :)

    syukur, dah 2...

  2. Hehehe..comey je arsyad..jgn nnt start babab farrel dh la..heheheh

  3. hehehe mcm x sbr lak tuk 2nd baby hehehe..geram tgk baby jue n moment terindah arsyad ngan adik , farrel..imagine faris kne tggu faris 2 thn dlu :)

  4. congratulations jue! bestnya bau baby.. sniff sniff.. :)

    selamat berpantang!

  5. alalala.. arsyad jeles ek?
    hehehe! mesti comel je tgk die jeles.
    xpe, baby farrel dh besar sket bole la main ngan abg arsyad. :)

  6. Jaja: syukur Alhamdulillah

    Sehda: Arsyad tak babab tp geram asyik nk kiss2 je..

    Fiza: Pregnant la dulu. Nanti bile beranak Faris 2 tahun la. Hehe

    ak yuyunz: Thanks dear. :-)

    nYomel: Arsyad mmg tak sabar tunggu Farrel besar. Kejap2 tunjuk cars la kat baby, tunjuk ultraman la.. Haha. sabar je la.


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