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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Want A New Bedsheet Please!!!

Want, not even a need. So, it is not necessary right? But, I think I do need a new bed sheet.. Haha.. Coz I'm quite bored with my bedroom lately.. I can't change the furniture (no need for that), and I can't move them to different places coz my wardrobe is a built-in one, and I even lazy to do that.. Haha.. So the easiest way to update my bedroom is to change the way my bed looks.. Do you agree with me ladies? :D

I have lots and lots of queen size bed sheet, but only a few king size one.. or to be specific only 2 king size bed sheets and 1 king size quilt cover.. It is so damn expensive to buy king size bed sheet, that is why I only have two, just enough for me to rotate if I wash one of them.. 

My favorite brand of bed sheet would be Aussino.. I love their materials and it is quite pricey too.. That's why I'll always buy when they have sale.. Not only 10% discount, but I'll buy during 50% discount.. Haha.. I will not waste my money RM400 just for one bed sheet.. I will wait for a greater bargain for me to get what I want..

So, to ease my eyes, these are some bed sheets that I love to see on my bed soon.. Haha.. Hope so.. :D


  1. hehehe same here dear jue..duk our new home ni, beli katil king size, bedsheet tuk king size pn x byk, ade dlm 3-4 jer also suke tukar2 bedsheet :)) jue, beli la yg baru, skrg tgh sale kan? :)

  2. je bulan lps aussino buat sale kt Great Eastern Mall...50% sale lah..isk3..mmg sonok..beli jugak, beli queen..xtau coz still xde katil n umah...beli2 simpan..ahhaha...tak tau ble lah nk pakai..wakakkakakaa...

    ju, nape nk msuk blog ju rini kuar pop up suh log in ye?gengblogger ke pe ntah td... tp org tekan cancel je td...sib leh msuk lagi...


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