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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Style Your Hijab

I love to learn a new way to style my hijab. Sometimes I'm quite bored wearing the instant hijab like Ariani's or Munawwarah's. Then, I changed to syria's style. I have lots of Tie Rack's scarves in my wardrobe, but I can't wear it at the moment coz Arsyad will always pull my scarf and then it will ruin my looks on that day. He loves to put my scarf in his mouth and everytime he has his milk, he wants to touch my scarf and play with it. So, no need for me to waste my time wearing those scarves then had to touch up again and again.

One of my favorites tutorial is by Amenakin. She is a very beautiful girl and has lots of ways on how to style her hijab. I love the way she did it, and she even makes it looks very easy to do. I've tried it and it is not that easy. Hehe. You can search her videos on Youtube and you will find tons of it.

This is one of them:

And this is me try to do the same thing like she did, but I think it doesn't look like hers. Haha.

So, how do you style your hijab??


  1. salam,

    I think the way you did your hijab is quite nice and it suits your face. My face bolat pakai tudung syria rasa macam tak cun....:p. Salam perkenalan!

  2. kite mmg suke stail arab pakai .. u look fab la sis ..

  3. Salam Moi,

    Thanks for dropping by.. Kdg2 sesuai kdg2 tak sesuai jgk ngan muka i ni.. hehe.. Salam perkenalan too.. Keep in touch~ :-)

  4. i pon suke lana.. thanks a lot dear~

  5. jue.canteyk.ingt awek arab mana takdi..hihi:)keep it up


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