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Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 Months Old Arsyad

On 27th of Feb, Arsyad's exactly 2 months time flies..and today, Arsyad got his 2nd, 6 in 1 immunisation..he just cried a bit, then fall asleep again..he is now 5.2kg and measures 57cm..

Arsyad is more active during daytime and sleep well at nite..He loves when mama n papa talk to him, tell him a story, sing him a song..he will smile and respond back to us, with his googoogaga-ing..and he is a very strong boy now, can hold his head up when we hold him at our shoulder, and he can turn a bit (mengiring) is so fast for him to turn on his own now, don't u think so??

I'm very impressed with his development now..He knows when mama n papa wanna go out..when we're getting ready, especially mama..we just left him in the cot..then he will look at me, and very excited when i wear my tudung..sometimes, i just wanna see whether he will cry or not when i left him and went out from our room..hehe..kejam tol mama..he cried and make a sad face..even mama already held him, he still make a sad sound, not crying but sad sound..hmm~ dun know how to describe it..

And of course, he is chubbier and everyone said he is really2 looks like his papa now..hmm~ is it really the same?i still think that his chin looks like mine and his smile as well..hehe..whateva it is, u're very2 cute my baby..i love u to bits!

Look how chubby i am.. :D

My cute faces~ :)

Enuf mama!! no more piccas plz!!


  1. what nasyeed r u singing?..sounds beautiful! bertuah Arsyad Mamanya nyanyikan nasyeed2, maulid dll yg sewaktu dgnya. Record sket and share with us ;-) with meaning pls ;-)

  2. Ops!that was me! i thot was on my google, was on his :P a smile to you Arsyad! :-)

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